The TIWAL 3.2 is designed for safety on the water. The V-shaped underbody is wide open to provide excellent stability. It also makes for a multi-purpose sailing dinghy, that can be used competitively in rough waters and for leisurely rides in calm weather with multiple sailors on board.
The TIWAL 3.2 boomless sail and high clearance provides maximum mobility on deck, for sailors changing tack.
In the event of capsizing, the TIWAL 3.2 is extremely easy to right. Once the boat is faced into the wind, you can simply put it right by pushing the underwater wing down with your feet while pulling on the daggerboard. The strengthening rods at the base of the mast provide a handy grip to get onto the front of the boat.
A ratchet block installed on the centerboard casing helps the navigator hold on to the sail. This block can be repositioned at the base of the mast to free up space on deck with several people on board.

The TIWAL 3.2 V-shaped underbody is extremely wide. It allows for maximum acceleration to reach planing speed in 3 to 4 force winds depending on carried load.
The saber shaped daggerboard provides the same upwind sailing ability as a traditional dinghy.
The 5.20 sqm sail is adapted to a wide variety of sailing conditions. A larger sail of 7.00 sqm is available, for the delight of performance junkies in light winds
The wide underbody and corresponding surface on the water makes the TIWAL 3.2 more stable than a traditional rigid sailing dinghy. It’s a leisure boat, a boat for thrills and a multi-purpose vessel.

The TIWAL 3.2 is stored in two bags, each weighing 28kg. No trailer required! For comfort, we recommend that two people carry the bags using the handles on the front and side.
The bags fit easily into the trunk of a car, the deck of a boat, in a cellar, a garage and even in a cupboard!
Once assembled, the TIWAL 3.2 is light enough to be carried by two adults. A small cart is available, to allow a single person to get the boat in and out of the water unassisted.

The hull is made from the same PVC material used in traditional semi-rigid motor boats. It has the same maintenance requirements. In particular, we recommend that you avoid dragging the boat over sand or rocks at the edge of sea shores and lake shores.
The TIWAL 3.2 hull is reinforced in multiple places with double or triple layers of PVC. The hull is guaranteed for one year against all manufacturing defects.

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